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A large amount of our practice is dedicated to helping individuals - not corporations - resolve taxation issues as it relates to stock option grants.


Our goal is to provide customized solutions for difficult tax problems. When it comes to taxes one size doesn't fit all.  We stress a practical approach which attempts to match the costs with the potential benefits.


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Derivium Loan Transaction Tax Audits
Isaacson Law firm is defending Derivium Loan transaction Tax audits.
Each loan arrangement is evaluated independantly based on the financial contracts and the facts and circumstances.
For a private and confidential preliminary meeting please make an appointment with Brian Isaacson.  


Employees who exercised incentive stock options (ISO) in the year 2000 and who now face a large alternative minimum tax (AMT) liability should check out - a group of taxpayers seeking to modify the AMT rules as they apply to ISOs.


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You may get relief

If you exercised incentive stock options you may be entitled to receive an abatement or a refund of federal income tax in the form of an AMT credit that you paid in connection with your exercise of stock purchase options in 2000 or 2001.

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